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The contact cooling technology was developed to effectively remove heat from selected zones in space or objects through the use of capillary heat pipes, which were originally developed for heat removal from air- and spacecraft electronic equipment. 


Heat pipes are two-phase heat transfer devices circulating an evaporating/condensing working fluid that transfers heat from one end of the pipe to the other. They provide an energy efficient means to transport hundreds of watts of heat across several meters.


 One application of this technology is the introduction of a “cold body” into the vessel "reflux" zone. This heat conducting body is thermally interfaced with a heat pipe, which, in turn, is connected to the "cold source" (from dry ice to liquid nitrogen).


 Another application is in the area of X-ray crystallography.  Cooling of a crystal (1) under X-ray allows longer and more precise imaging and subsequent decoding of their structure. The heat, generated during X-ray bombardment can be effectively removed from the crystal located on the tip of a heat pipe (2), which is connected to a cold source (3). 


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