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   TechElan provides solutions through enabling technologies in High-Throughput Screening, Proteomics, ADMEt, Cell/Particle Sorting, Micro-Fluidics, High Speed Orbital Mixing and other Laboratory Automation for the drug discovery, life sciences and consumer product industries.

   Novel technologies include:

bulletA novel Infrared based label-free screening platform for functional proteomics
bulletAutomated ADMET testing for accelerating the pre-clinical testing process
bulletThe industry's first ultra-speed and variable amplitude orbital shaker designed specifically to meet the current requirements of high-throughput processes
bulletAn array of drug discovery solutions and tools: Precision non-contact micro-dispensation, micro-fluidic valves, particle/cell imagers & sorters and other types of customized lab automation and robotics for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Discover the TechElan advantage in the "Fail Early, Fail Fast" world of drug discovery 



Agitation and Mixing


Cell and Particle Sorter


Micro Dispensing


Protein Function


High Throughput ADMET


Laboratory Automation


Consumer Products

TEOS - Industry’s first variable amplitude and ultra-speed line of  Shakers/Mixers




Miniature, sub-micro liter  Dispensing Valve


Real time feedback (dispensing verification and correction) micro-volume Dispenser/Aspirator

TEDA 100


High-Throughput Cell/Particle Sorter   Proteomics: Gold-plated IR Concentrating Plate


TechElan is a life science tools and technology company committed to providing innovative products, technologies, consulting services and custom development & integration support for its customers, partners and technologies.

  Please contact us for details and specific requirements.