Matrix Dispenser

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The Matrix Dispenser is an innovative matrix or array dispenser incorporating a common flat chamber with an array of small pockets (wells) that have calibrated openings in the middle of each pocket.  A special flat hydrophilic “sponge”, which carries the reagent, is placed above the pockets. A membrane then covers the sponge. The entire chamber, including the sponge and the membrane is sealed from the top by another cover creating a hermetic space between the top cover and the membrane covering the sponge.


A pulse of pressurized air presses the membraned sponge against all pockets, evenly distributing the reagent into individual pockets. Further pressurization of the membrane forces the entire amount of liquid from each pocket to be dispensed through the small openings.


The sponge can be drawn automatically into the space between the top cover and the bottom dispensing plate and can be pre-filled with reagents as a disposable (or reusable) component.


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The layout

The bottom dispensing plate (pockets)

Top cover and bottom plate