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The floating ball plate sealer was developed to minimize evaporation from a micro-titer plate or any array of vessels with round openings, and still allow aspirating/dispensing into those wells or vessels.


The outdated technique of using septum and sharp needles has multiple limitations including; limited life expectancy, large penetrating force, large needle gripping force and limited possibility of reusing the septum. 


The new TechElan Plate Sealer incorporates the floating ball sealing principle, which uses ball shaped objects to seal round openings, and a novel method of shifting these sealing balls with the aspirating/dispensing needles and automatic returning these balls to the sealing position under their own weight. Briefly, the sealing lid has a matrix of sealing balls and is equipped with specially shaped wells and grooves that allow the sealing balls to position themselves under their own weight on top of the opening, but move sideways when pushed by the penetrating needle. The ideal sealing ball should have substantial weight and an inert sealing surface. Using a magnetic field or vibration of the sealing lid may enhance the return force of the sealing balls.


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