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                TEOS 100 Series Portable Manual Orbital Mixers

The TEOS 100 series are portable, manually controlled orbital shakers (mixers) with a small footprint to easily fit on bench tops or various instrumentation platforms. These manual units are powered solely by compressed air (60 - 80 PSI at 1 SCFM) and do not require electricity.  The TEOS 100 series mixers are easy to use.  Just connect the air supply, turn on the shaker and select the optimal combination of speed and amplitude with one simple control.

The variable amplitude and speed TEOS orbital shakers/mixers are based on a novel design principle (US Patent  5,988.869).  A plate holding platform floating on air bearings and air driven high speed turbines with calibrated eccentric weights combine to provide a unique vortex generating capability, repeatable return to "Zero X-Y" position and high reliability.

Three models are available in the TEOS 100 series. (See description below). The TEOS 100 and 120 are single speed mixers suitable for specific plate formats.

The TEOS 150 is a combined dual-speed mixer for all plate formats and represents the best value. All models are supplied with "quick connect" fitting and air supply tubing (6, ID), operating instructions and replacement vacuum filters.

 Various video clips taken with high speed camera and in real time show effective vortex generation in different type micro titer plates. (Vortex in 384 well plate, Vortex in 1536 well plate, Mixing in 384 well plate).




Price (USD$)
TEOS 100 Single high-speed orbital mixer for 384, 96 and lesser density plates $1165
TEOS 120 Single turbo-speed orbital mixer for 384, 1536 and greater density plates $1165
TEOS 150 Combined dual-speed (high/turbo) orbital mixer for all high-throughput and uHTS plates $1295


To order:     Please call Customer Service at (908) 233-6977 or fax orders to (908) 233- 8886.

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Technical Specifications: (TEOS 100 series)


                        Speed:                               Up to 10,000 rpm.

                        Amplitude:                         Up to 5 mm.

                        Zero position:                     Self-centering

                        Dimensions: (LxWxH)          10 x 8 x 4 in.

                        Weight:                              3.5 lbs.

                        Working temp: (C)             0 to +60