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   Micro valves and specially developed drivers for the SMLD and other miniature valves, which require a specific pattern of driving voltage, are both available as spare parts and integrated into a customized dispenser. Drivers are available in 1, 4, 8 or 10 unit arrays, both as an open board (PCB) or an enclosed version with terminals and wiring. Please contact us for pricing and information.

The Universal Dispensing/Aspirating Device  is equipped with a built in driver and a SMLD type valve. Other valves may be substituted upon request.

The SMLD valve (or other valves manufactured, for example, by LEE Inc.) requires an accelerated actuation (12 VDC) applied for 1 - 2 msec, followed by a lower (3 VDC) "holding" voltage for as long as it is necessary for the dispensation cycle. The usual dispensation lasts from 5 - 50 msec and can support volume ranging from 50 nl - 0.5 Ál.  The next dispensation can follow within 3 to 5 msec.

These miniature valves will overheat if a full voltage is applied during the dispensation.  On the other hand, actuation with a slightly lower voltage will either reduce the opening speed or not open the valve at all. The lower "holding voltage" also allows the valve to close faster.

The driving circuit can be easily interfaced with relays, computer I/O boards, PLCs or other control equipment.