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Based on a novel sensing technology of measuring momentum (mV) produced by individual dispensations (1), the TEDA 100 enables real time corrective control of the dispensation process. A ceramic reservoir/pump (2), actuated by a miniature gas piston (3), assures smooth operation and chemical compatibility. (Patent pending). A miniature electromagnetic micro-volume dispensing valve, (4) with internal double diamond coating and sapphire/ruby seat/valve combination, is employed for accuracy and reliability. (See dispensing video).

TEDA 100 features:

  •      Precise dispensation into 96/384/1536 well plates. As low as 20 nl w/<5% CV.

  •      Rapid qualification of automated assay procedures.     

  •        Real-time verification and correction of individual dispensations.

  •      Replaceable, precision sapphire/ruby micro-volume dispensing valve.

  •      Available as an individual dispensing/aspirating station in manual (single channel) format and automated (single and multi-channel) integrated format.

  •       Individual units may be easily bundled and arrayed to fit most automated formats. Multi-channel aspirating/dispensing arrays with 9 mm spacing can be customized with holding brackets to fit with most platforms.

  •       Autonomous channels enable independent programming of dispensation pattern, volumes, and reagents.

  •       Easy (on the fly) replacement or removal of individual channels for reagent replacement or service.

  •      Please contact us for sales information.